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Dimanche, 17 Septembre 2017 08:08
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IKSDP College of Nyandiwa. "Open Day" of the 2017-2018 academic year. Summer holidays are over. A great WELCOME to the old and new students at IKSDP Campus.

Dimanche, 20 Août 2017 08:05
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Gruppo_gestione_WiFiThe italian company FIDOKA has completed the installation of the Wi-Fi network which covers the whole area of the IKSDP Centre of Nyandiwa. In the picture, the Fidoka technicians and the IKSDP group in charge of the network. 

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Samedi, 05 Août 2017 07:13
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Back home! At IKSDP College of Nyandiwa, exams are over and the Academic Year 2016-2017 ended.

Dimanche, 09 Juillet 2017 07:17
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Arte barca



Creative Centre IKSDP: some of the artworks made by various local artists in 2017 and exhibited at IKSDP Art Gallery in Nyandiwa.


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Samedi, 01 Juillet 2017 08:57
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Another success for the Nyandiwa community. From now on at IKSDP Center, the Internet connection speed has been brought to 3MB, while the entire Nyandiwa area now has 3G coverage.

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Samedi, 27 Mai 2017 07:02
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P.O.Box, 12-40333 Nyandiwa – Suba, Tel:0722615042/0723300268

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Jeudi, 18 Mai 2017 08:36
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"Music Festival 2017" of primary schools is going on now at IKSDP Centre in Nyandiwa, organized by the Ministry of Education of Kenya.

Mercredi, 26 Avril 2017 00:00
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The annual meeting of the European partners of IKSDP-Harambee Education today.

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Mercredi, 19 Avril 2017 00:00
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Ogolla Immaculate Anyango "Best Student, PTE 2016". She ranked 1st among the 2016 graduating students and was awarded with a prize during the graduation ceremony last March. CONGRATULATIONS!

Lundi, 24 Octobre 2016 07:53



Collège IKSDP, octobre 2016: Le sport a beaucoup d'importance dans le programme éducatif du Teachers Training College de Nyandiwa. Les activités sont supportées par le Panathlon Junior Club Nyandiwa- La Malpensa et par les partenaires européens du projet IKSDP Harambee Education d'Allemagne et du Liechtenstein.

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